On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, we had our first class field trip. I was excited to finally visit and see Chicano Park for the first time, as I often hear and read about the history of it. I had the privilege of taking a course that drove into the Chicano activist and learning how the park symbolized a great movement. Upon arriving, I was shocked to see how such a little space held such importance. The park was filled with community spirit, seeing people gather and children playing gave a sense of pride of being a Chicana.

The reason why I am fascinated with this is that Chicano Park changed the views on how art can symbolize importance. We live in a society where art is often misconceived and unacknowledged by many.  Chicano Park murals have inspired many from all over the world to give art meaning and importance. I had the privilege to see the art and interpret my own meaning, it gives me a sense of appreciation. Throughout the park, there are murals that cover each wall and each mural represents a part of Chicano culture. After educating myself, I no longer see “graffiti” as a crime but rather a way of expressing history and awareness. In addition, I came to learn each stroke of paint symbolizes one’s struggle. In the picture, it shows the struggles and the history Hispanic people had to once endure and still do. Allow this art to be imprinted will spread the awareness and struggles people of color underwent.