This photo was taken when our group put on the workshop “College 101.” In short, the workshop was a major success. We were able to convey the nitty gritty details about college, fun parts about higher education, and answered some questions the students had. We decided that this would be the best approach because the students are predominantly first-generation, working-class students. Since some of us identify with these backgrounds, we felt it would be helpful to share our experiences in a fun and digestable manner.

Overall, the students were very receptive to our workshop. Students asked engaging questions and we were able to make them laugh while talking about an educational institution! After this week, I found a new initiative to learn Spanish to better serve my future students. I intend to be an educator in communities similar to Barrio Logan with high populations of Latinx folks. Because of this, I should be able to properly communicate and connect with these students on a level beyond English, a violent language that erases especially in the US-context.

I am constantly inspired by these students and what they have to offer to the world. I’m sure that the students see it already and the people in BLCI, but if it amounts to anything, the students will undoubtedly return to their communities unlike most folks. These students understand the power of community and what it means to grow up with and in spite of struggle. I hope that I am able to see them one day, grown up, being ethical businesspeople, politicians for the people, affordable doctors, world changers, and wave makers.