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Salma Parra Oral History

Salma Parra is an incoming freshman (2019-20) at University of California, San Diego with the major Public Health. She is interested in the intersections of healthcare and Latinx community as she is planning on pursuing a double major in Chican@ Studies. She identifies as an upcoming first-generation, working-class college student. This interview covers a range of topics surrounding identity, family, higher education, community, and being Mexican-American. These specific topics covered all factor into how she navigates the world and guided her endeavor in pursuing higher education. I met Salma after reading her scholarship application at the Barrio Logan College Institute and I was so inspired by her zeal that I had to meet and interview her. The interview was conducted in the College Institute. My name is Marco-Landon Siu and I am also a first-generation, working-class college student. Salma’s interview resonated with my experiences, and I found her narrative inspiring and impactful.

Audio file of interview with Salma Parra
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