This past Monday was my last day at BLCI and it was a bittersweet moment. For this last workshop the high school specialist encouraged the 9th graders to bring snacks so they could have a sort of celebration for the last day. Students were able to share what they learned this year at BLCI as well as interact with each other in a different space, outside. The high school specialist allowed the ninth grade students to go outside and play volleyball as well as promoting team building activities with the students. As I was standing outside watching them play it hit me that the car drives filled with singing with my partner on our way to BLCI had come to an end. That the jokes and conversations with the high school specialist before every Monday workshop would no longer happen. Getting coffee from Chikitas Cafe down the street from BLCI would no longer be part of my Monday routine. The part I am truly going to miss about Mondays at BLCI is being able to see the students and hear about their weekends or about how boring or fun school was that day.

My time at BLCI taught me so much more than I could have ever learned about Barrio Logan and the program just through an article. It allowed me to see and interact with students and staff that are part of BLCI as well as interact with community members. Through the workshops I was able to learn alongside the students. Two of my favorite workshops were the Chicano Park trip and the vision board workshop because through them I was able to learn more about the students. For example at Chicano Park I discussed with students their favorite murals and was able to learn why those certain murals are their favorite. The vision board workshop allowed me to talk on a more personal level with students as well as understand more about where they come from and where they hope to go in the future.

Overall my experience at BLCI allowed me to gain a further respect and appreciation for the program as well as the community. I was able to learn far more from the students than I ever thought I would.