Welcome to HIUS/ETHN 120D.

I think there are many reasons to take this class, for example: you get to go off campus, you work with an organization, but the main reason I want to share with you is this class will prepare you with tools that can be implemented into your academic career. The experience you have with your organization will provide you with the skills you need to advance into your next internship/job. In addition, I would recommend you take the AIP 197T add on to this class.

I am a transfer student from the Bay Area, so when I found out I was going to be off campus working with a community organization, I was sold. Many of the articles we read in class had a direct connection to an organization my group, or another group, worked with. It’s a nice feeling to read theoretical material that is related to the work you are doing with the organization. It was rewarding to me when I was able to use the tools you learned within the classroom and apply it in the field.

With Detainee Allies, the grassroots organization, I witnessed what its was like to commit, sustain, and nurture an organization, even though the government makes it extremely difficult to help those in immigraton detention centers. They have a low with volunteers, money, and technology, but they continue the work to make an impact. This is what it looks like to keep the faith; keep your back straight when running through brick walls so you can find a better way to help, but when you body begins to get tired, let your heart do the rest. I witnessed some of the difficulties people in Otay Mesa detention center encounter, for example, the paper work for asylum. The asylum seeker must provide documents in English, must provide their own translator if they are unable to speak, read, and write in English; many asylum seekers do not know English. Providing help to those who need it has been made very difficult to offer because of the government.

In conclusion, you will have an exceptional experience learning through this class. Challenge yourself.