Chicanx Park as a whole does not end at the border where the grass field and cemented sidewalk meet, but rather the park is incorporated into the fabric of the community. Chicanx Park is a reflection of the community. Originally planned to be a CHP Control Center, the community of Barrio Logan resisted this plan and reclaimed their land by protesting to stop construction from going further. Walking within Chicanx Park, seeing all the murals, gave me a deeper understanding of the power of murals to tell a story. Each pillar in Chicanx Park that sustains the Coronado bridge reminds the community of city government efforts to divide, using Andrea Giunta art theory the strategy of swallowing, the community reclaimed there space by incorporating the murals on the pillars to tell the story of the community. They swallowed the pillars, they ate the white man, and digested their toxic influences that had planned to separate and control Barrio Logan. They reclaimed their voices by creating art, and telling their stories. There was a mural that focussed on Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and José Clemente Orozco are important Mexicxn painters, and muralist who created and nurtured the power of what we come to know murals. If these individuals were still with us today, I believe, they would have participated in Chicanx Park. It was truly a blessing to be in the space of Chicanx Park.