Dear Fellow Future Student,

First of all, thank you for being engaged in a class on this topic. If it weren’t for people coming after us and continuing to gather and share oral histories we would be lost to history, ironically. So, thank you for taking up the mantle.

I really like the idea of oral histories. To me they are a research method that infuses knowledge gathered back into the community. This aspect makes it different from most other types of research, and makes it a communal thing. In individualistic America, this type of work is necessary.

To succeed in this class I recommend understanding the readings first of all, then get into doing the work yourself. That is kind of how the class is structured, so just engage in the flow of the class. The readings help understand what I was talking about concerning the importance of oral history. Then, you need to focus on doing the work including managing time wisely and going through the steps of the oral history process yourself. Also, enjoy your time with your community partner because it is a way to give back, as well as gain some hands on experience in community organizing.

Thank you for doing this meaningful work.


Clayton H.