Dear Fellow Future Student, First of all, thank you for being engaged in a class on this topic. If it weren’t for people coming after us and continuing to gather and share oral histories we would be lost to history, ironically. So, thank you for taking up the mantle. I really like the idea of oral histories. To me they are a research method that infuses knowledge gathered back into the community. This aspect makes it different from most other types of research, and makes it a communal thing. In individualistic America, this type of work is necessary. To succeed in this class I recommendRead More →

Carmen “Mela” Hernandez is a graduate of Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI). She is The Upward Bound Coordinator at Upward Bound, which is housed in BLCI. As a former student of BLCI, she is a first-generation college student and child of immigrants from Michoacán. She talks about navigating challenges in her academic career, her time attending UCLA, and the beginnings of her professional life. The interview covers cultural differences surrounding college attendance in Mexico and the United States of America, as well as various college prep programs in San Diego. I met her while I was an Alumni Outreach intern at BLCI. I am aRead More →

This was my first trip to Chicano Park. I’m glad I came on this day and got some of the history from Professor Luis Alvarez,  before exploring the park and surrounding area by myself. I have learned so much about Chicano Park during my 2+ years in Ethnic Studies, including from Mexican American Culture class during my community college days in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have come a long way to be studying Ethnic Studies, and to be in San Diego, a borderland, or what Harsha Walia would call a “nexus of oppression,” at the heart of it, really brings all the academic theoryRead More →