Shamseldin Abdelaziz  is a 17 year old Hoover High School student who was born in Sudan and moved to Egypt when he was 1 years old. After living in Egypt for 7 years, which he described as a very memorable experience, he and his family moved to the United States. Shamseldin currently lives in the City Heights neighborhood in San Diego and is very proud to be a member of this community. An excellent student, Shamseldin has been accepted into many universities and has a full scholarship to attend UC San Diego. Along with being a great student, he gives back to his community by being a member of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) where he and fellow members work to better their community. I am honored to have interviewed such a special young man with such a promising future. In our interview, Shamseldin discusses he and his families background, his community, COVID-19 experiences, and his future goals. 

I am currently a graduating senior at UCSD studying Sociology and Education Studies. In the future I hope to continue my passion of working with underrepresented youth by becoming a school social worker.