One piece of advice about the oral history assignment is to schedule your interview as soon as possible in the event of any unforeseen issues. Try using Zoom when interviewing someone due to its ability to transcribe the conversation. Make sure that you are prepared when conducting the interview and practice doing it in front of a mirror ahead of time, if possible. 

Community work is crucial because you get to witness history while engaging with those that will be remembered in the future. The oral histories are a collection of works that are critical to understanding these communities. The type of work you are doing now is important because it can shape meaningful and lasting types of change within the organizations.

The final piece of advice would be to get to know the people in your group ahead of time. They are the only ones that will truly understand the toll this type of work will take on everyone. Do not forget to take some time for yourself; self-care is really important. Good luck in conducting your oral histories and working with the community partners. This is an opportunity to work with the community and help influence positive, lasting change.