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Thanh Pham Oral History

Thanh Pham is a 63-year old Vietnamese-American, and was a long-time resident of Berkeley, CA and the Bay Area. He grew up in Viet Nam during the war, and was relocated to the U.S. from Da Nang, Viet Nam in order to get life-saving treatment for his injuries. He describes his life experiences, from growing up in a war, to living in the U.S. with his American guardian family, and experiencing childhood in two very different circumstances. Currently, he has moved back to Viet Nam to live with his family, and discusses experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic from there. The interview was conducted over Zoom due to social distancing procedures during COVID-19. This interview was conducted by Sabrina Pham-Vu, a third year Ethnic Studies and Psychology major at UCSD interested in researching topics related the Vietnamese diaspora and mental health.

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