Throughout this course, you have two main projects, conducting and oral history interview and a creative project partnering with a small group of other students and an organization affiliated to UCSD in some way that is involved in social work in San Diego. Hands down the best part of the class is the multiple opportunities to explore areas of San Diego you may never have been to before and learn about the people and the history there. One of the more difficult things in this course was finding someone to conduct the oral history with and finding people to conduct shorter interviews with for partRead More →

Reflection: Established in 2017, the Refugee Health Unit is a functionary of the UC San Diego Center for Community Health and is funded through the UC San Diego Health System. Located in the ethnically diverse City Heights neighborhood, the Unit works in collaboration with local San Diego organizations to help the needs of refugees by providing resources necessary for a large number of organizations to ease existing health disparities. In particular, the Refugee Health Unit addresses public health issues in a holistic manner, with an emphasis on mental and physical health. For our project with the Refugee Health Unit, we created a series of communityRead More →

This interview with Noun Abdelaziz was facilitated by Reem Zubaidi at the Refugee Health Center. Noun and I met at the Refugee Health Center and conducted the interview in the conference room. We discussed Noun’s background, including where she grew up, what her family was like, and her experiences in grade school. Noun moved to City Heights when she was 10 years old after moving with her family from Egypt. She started work at the Youth Advisory Council in her second year of high school and is continuing to work to correct food and health disparities 3 years later. Noun was a key member inRead More →

This was my first time visiting Chicano park and despite the things I have heard about Barrio Logan, it felt like a very communal place to be. I learned a lot during out short trip to the park and I will definitely be going back to explore more of the area. Throughout this trip I learned a little bit more of what the affects gentrification can have in a community and how it leads to displacement of under privileged communities. Despite this heavy gentrification and trying to keep a “clean” atmosphere, the art there way able to thrive. In fact this art was one ofRead More →