Throughout this course, you have two main projects, conducting and oral history interview and a creative project partnering with a small group of other students and an organization affiliated to UCSD in some way that is involved in social work in San Diego. Hands down the best part of the class is the multiple opportunities to explore areas of San Diego you may never have been to before and learn about the people and the history there. One of the more difficult things in this course was finding someone to conduct the oral history with and finding people to conduct shorter interviews with for part of my groups creative project.

I underestimated how much time this class requires outside of the classroom. I highly recommend working on finding candidates to conduct interviews with early on. The biggest things I got out of this class was hearing perspectives I’ve never been given the opportunity to hear. If you are a STEM Major at UCSD it will do you well to take a break from your normal course work and taking a class that stresses heavy participation and highly rewards those who establish connections with members of the organization they are paired with.