Guest lecture for Sixth College CAT 3 writing program: Art of the Protest: Cultural Production, Protest, & Technologies of Change

On Friday, June 2, 2017, members of the Tell Us How UC It project team presented to a Sixth College CAT 3 writing program course titled: Art of the Protest: Cultural Production, Protest, & Technologies of Change, taught by Dr. Phoebe Bronstein.

As described in its syllabus, “This writing and communication course will focus on the rhetoric, technology, and art of American protest, with special attention understanding the role of technology (from the printing press to twitter) in civil disobedience. This course insists on the importance of historical memory, asking how the history of American protests aids in and informs the formation of contemporary movements, demanding that we all think about how we engage, remember, and honor the past while speculating on how we create our collective future.”

The title of the presentation was “Saving the Revolution: Living Archives and the Future of Civil Rights.”

As part of the presentation, students were asked to respond to the following prompt:

In thinking about the 4 major roles in social change (Helper, Advocate, Rebel, Organizer) –
1. What role do you see for yourself?
2. What types of activities would you do in that role?

Images of their responses can be found at

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