Aboutness Statement: Volume 10, Pangia sub-district, July 1970-July 1971

This volume contains 8 patrol reports, with patrols conducted throughout the Pangia sub-district in the Southern Highlands. Topics that were covered on these patrols revolved around tax collection, general elections, heavy emphasis on political education and empowerment of women, construction of the Tealands road, with work being done on Wiru Loop in particular. The economic growth in this district was highlighted throughout this volume, with the growth increasing rapidly. The patrol officers also place great emphasis on the Pangia people’s willingness to pursue political education, in order to make more educated decisions in regards to their general politics. The volume contains a large amount of information about the Tealands road construction (Wiru Loop road in particular), and more infrastructure information.

Patrol Report: Southern Highlands District, Pangia, 1970 – 1971

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  1. Rachel Hicks says:

    Hi Shefali,
    This is a good summary about your volume. In addition, for this blog, we asked you to reflect on how you analyzed your sources and constructed your aboutness statements. What was easy about the process? What was difficult? What are the possible implications from the way you described the Patrol Reports? How might technology change the use of the reports over time, e.g. microfilm vs. online access?

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