Final Analysis

I was assigned to review the patrol reports of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea from 1968-1969. The main topics that circulated these patrol reports were economic development, road construction, and political development. The construction of the roads were consistently delayed because of either there was not enough workers, tools, or supplies, such as pipes….

Words and Representation

Copra production and road construction were the main key terms that I used. I chose these key terms because they were the main topics that were focused on in my volume. Before reading these patrol reports I had no idea what the word copra meant. And I thought about changing it to dry coconut production…

Aboutness Statement

West New Britain is an area located in the country of Papua New Guinea. During the 1900’s the island was under the administration of Australia until its independence in 1975.  During Australia’s administration there were kiaps, also known as patrol officers, who were assigned to record the process of preparing Papua New Guinea for its…

Cultural Context West New Britain, Talasea 1968-1969

The patrol report that I am assigned to is West New Britain, Talasea station, Papua New Guinea from 1968-1969.  The Diary entries for the first patrol report mainly focuses on the road work on road from Talasesa to Narunageru. Patrol officer W.G. Speldewinde wrote down the amount of progress that was worked on the road,…

Personal Biography- Natasha Daniels

My name is Natasha and I’m originally from northern California. I’m currently a senior at UCSD and I’m majoring in Economics. By taking this course I hope to learn more about Papua New Guinea and improve my researching skills.