I was able to interview two folks from the tejido group (knitting group). I interviewed them on May 30th, 2018 at Casa Familiar during their session. In the background of both interviews you can hear the laughs and convivencias of the other señoras in the group. The first person I interviewed was Josefina Loyon, she is one of the community members that uses Casa Familiar services. In the interview she talks about her tejidos, life, the space, and love. During the interview another community member joined us for a bit and I think that part of the interview was really interesting because it shows how much folks care for each other and are happy to see each other in these spaces. Josefina reflected on her past work, why she comes to the tejido group. I thought it was really nice to hear how much spaces like these bring her joy and help her get through things like health problems and spaces like these help her feel supported.