The Race and Oral History Project was first featured in a 2019 issue of thisweek@ucsandiego by Anthony King. The article highlights the beginnings of the Race and Oral History undergraduate course. From training students to conduct oral histories to writing and recording archives and connecting with San Diego based grassroots organizations, the course provides a foundation for students to foster collaborative relationships with San Diego’s BIPOC communities.

Read how UC San Diego students are building an archive of Oral Histories in San Diego

Listen to Audio from the article: UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities · Building an Archive of San Diego History

“It’s about creating moments where everyone involved, all of the constituencies involved in the Race and Oral History Project, can feel good about being a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.”

– Professor Luis Alvarez

King, Anthony. “Building an Archive of San Diego History.” UC San Diego News Center, February 28, 2019.