Log into knit.ucsd.edu

Once on your dashboard, select “Posts”

  • Here you should see a series of blog posts made by students. The posts will have a tag to show that they have been published privately
  • Hover over the post name and select “View” to see each blog post
  • For each blog post, you should check for the following items: 
  • Title of the blog post is “[first name of interviewee] [last name of interviewee] Oral History.” 

Use this order for the blog post:

  1. Oral history description (synopsis)
  2. Audio file
  3. Oral history transcript

It should look like this:

  • A featured image (if applicant agreed)

To check the categories

Select “Edit Post” at the top of the page or the “Edit” button near the title of the post.  

On the right hand side of the page, there should be a sidebar for “Post and Block.” Under “Post” there should be a “Categories” tab, here you can check for the proper categories

Check for the proper categories:

  • For Academic Year, check for the box that corresponds to the current academic term. 
  • For Community Partners, check for the box that corresponds to the organization name. 
  • For Course Assignments, check that the “Oral Histories” box is the only one checked.
  • Lastly, for Themes, check that the corresponding themes that align with the oral history interview topics. 

Checking for post/author information

Towards the bottom of the blog post, select the “Post Info” tab and make sure that the student/author’s name is displayed as well as the appropriate categories.

Next, select “Author Info” and make sure that the student has uploaded a picture of themselves and a brief biography.

Remember to review the content for anything potentially sensitive.

Then you can publish the post!