The following is a list of items to check when the TAs/Faculty are reviewing the student’s blog posts. This should be carried out before the blog posted is posted online and made publicly available.

  1. Title: “[first name of interviewee] [last name of interviewee] Oral History” 
  2. Order: Use this order for the blog post:
    1. Oral history description (synopsis)
    2. Audio file
    3. Oral history transcript
  3. Featured image: Check to see if the featured image was uploaded correctly under the Post section. There should only be a featured image if the interviewee agreed to having an image.
  4. Check the Post info and Author Info at the bottom of the post to see if the student’s name/image appears and the categories are displaying correctly.
  5. Categories: Check for the appropriate categories.
    1. For Academic Year, check for the box that corresponds to the current academic term.
    2. For Community Partners, check for the box that corresponds to the organization name. 
    3. For Course Assignments, check that the “Oral Histories” box is the only one checked.
  6. Themes: Check that the corresponding themes that align with the oral history interview topics.
  7. Review the content for anything potentially sensitive.

Then you can publish the post!

For the submission

The filenames should be in this format:

  • Audio: LastnameFirstname_Date(4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day)_Interview#_File# (for interviews with more than one part)

For example, FloresSylvia_2020-04-29_01.mp4

  • [LastnameFirstname of the interviewee]-transcript.pdf
  • [LastnameFirstname of the interviewee]-form.pdf
  • [LastnameFirstname of the interviewee]-image.jpg*

*If the interviewee has provided an image and is okay having it posted on the Race & Oral History website with the interview.