Rosette Nsonga is a 51 years-old Ugandan woman who came to the US in 2017. This interview explores her background in order to understand the person she became, going from her childhood in Uganda to her arrival in California. She explains the difficulties she went through through concerning education, gives more details on the East African community in San Diego and the importance of preserving her culture. She also insists on the importance of telling her story as a way of raising awareness on some global issues such as human trafficking and women’s rights. Her story and fights for human rights resonates more than everRead More →

Nadia Atef is a multi-lingual Moroccan mother of two young girls who currently resides in San Diego. After winning a lottery, she took a leap of faith to come to the United States once she completed her Master’s Degree in Hydrogeology. She found herself on the West Coast where she would eventually meet her husband and start a family. She currently volunteers at the United Women of East Africa Community Center in which she has found a community that she considers family. Nadia is eager to do what she can for others, attributing her fervent compassion to the fact that she simply likes to spreadRead More →

Asiyah Ali is a San Diego born Somali American currently in the fifth-grade. She has been a part of the United Women of East Africa’s culturally tailored Girl Scouts Program for 4 years, which focuses on fostering leadership skills, maintaining healthy relationships, and financial literacy. In this interview Asiyah, the daughter of Somali refugees, shares what it is like growing up as a Muslim Somali-American, discussing her experience one of the only Muslim students in her fifth grade class, what quirky skills she wants to teach her younger brothers, and how to cook her favorite Somali food. Asiyah’s interview gives us insight on how someRead More →

For the UWEAST Girl Scout troop, their time is truly enriched by the programming that the staff offers them. The games, activities, and projects all allow them to reflect on and engage with so many different parts of their identities, and many of the different themes relevant to their lives at their current age. It is clear that so much time and energy, on behalf of the staff at the community center, goes into creating activities that are enriching, meaningful and fun. So much of what is discussed and covered are things that young people might not normally gain from time spent in the classroom,Read More →

We volunteer with the UWEAST Girl Scouts program, where most of the girls are in elementary school. When we first met them, they made me remember what it was like to be that age. I’m all old but they wanted to play tag and their energy was infectious. We were guiding the girls on how to cook; showing them how to peel potatoes, marinate chicken, and chop onions. While we were dicing onions, I talked with the girls about helping their parents cook, what kind of music they like, and what crazy foods they want to try (marshmallows with tomatoes, what?). The physical space inRead More →