Last week, on Wednesday I went to The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club for the senior lunch. When I first got to the site, I asked if there could be anything I could do to help serve people lunch and I was asked to pour the fruit punch. While doing this I met Catherine, who was serving soup right next to me. I ended up having a brief conversation with her and I found out that she moved to America from Guam 16 years old. When I asked her if she could describe Guam to me she simply laughed and said “humid.” This time the club was way more crowded then previous visits. Even Catherine told me that it’s usually not this busy. However, I think it was because this time, unlike other times, there was a band playing which was fun to see because everyone was laughing, eating, and dancing. It was nice to be apart of such a simple, yet joyous occasion. I talked to some other people throughout the hour I was there and even met a lady that brought her grandson from out of town with her to the club. Overall, it was a very enjoyable day.