Giselle Vincent

Mirna Cruz

Casa Familiar

For some the goal is to be able to give back to their community and make a change. Whether it be big or small, if they are able to make an impact they are happy. For the past ten weeks, the visits to Casa Familiar’s youth center allowed me to experience a different kind of bond. A bond that isn’t just a friendship but a sense of home. The word “Casa” immediately translated to English from Spanish means “house”. While understanding the meaning of Casa, I understood what home is. The youth go to the center for help on their homework, volunteer, or even just to be with friends. All of them come to life in the youth center, and it warms my heart. It’s heartwarming because I see the smiles on their faces and I see how all the youth bond with each other, no matter the age. These bonds are built not only with the youth, but with the staff. The youth center coordinator Mirna has one goal, to make an impact on these students. Although she might not be able to give them the world, with all her work and event planning she allowed them to make memories and friendships at Casa Familiar’s youth center. By doing so, she was able to give them one very important thing.

She gave them a home.