On Friday May 8.2018 during my visit to casa the supervisor Mirna told me that the center would be closing early but the Casa was putting on an art exhibit for women appreciation and suggested I go.  After talking with Mirna and one of the students who helped put on the art exhibit I decided to check it out myself.  When I first got there it was interesting to see how all the art represented women in different ways yet they all shared one message.

The initial flyer of the event had a logo similar to the rolling stones but around the mouth it said “I resist” in a spiraling motion which I thought was really cool. While going through the exhibit every room seem to have its own mood and there was a different take way for each piece which made the experience so much better. Two of my favorite pieces where a painting of a young transgender boy that was painted by his grandmother and a piece made up of scraps from designer bags that said, “Will Work For Free.”