During our field trip to Chicano park my friends and I went towards all the coffee shops and breweries. While walking towards the cafes and breweries we looked at the murals on the pillars and shared our own opinions on how we felt about the pieces and different experiences from our hometowns being gentrified and also how Chicano Park has been gentrified throughout the years. We noticed how the theme for most of the eateries around the park were a more modernized version of the Chicano culture.

We also went to the other side of the park where the handball and basketball courts are and we got to see the murals there as well. We also say the little herb garden that was right across the park. Being able to smell the herbs reminded us a lot of home. I’ve been to Chicano parkĀ  few times before so I had explored the park already. I also visited during Chicano Park Day , since it was my first year attending it was a lot to take in but it was nice to see how the community all came together to celebrate the significance of the park. As we were walking around the park I took pictures of some of the murals and just places around the park that caught my eye the most.