During the interview Mirna talked about her involvement with Casa Familiar’s Youth Center and how she is able to make an impact on the students lives but also how they impact her life. She talked about how not places like Casa exist down in San Ysidro. Mirna also shared how she grew up going to Casa and that they are the reason along with other resources why she was able to go to college and achieve her goals. Mirna also expressed that even with all the work that she’s done with Casa there’s still a lot more to be done. I wasn’t able to uploadRead More →

Home Giselle Vincent Mirna Cruz Casa Familiar For some the goal is to be able to give back to their community and make a change. Whether it be big or small, if they are able to make an impact they are happy. For the past ten weeks, the visits to Casa Familiar’s youth center allowed me to experience a different kind of bond. A bond that isn’t just a friendship but a sense of home. The word “Casa” immediately translated to English from Spanish means “house”. While understanding the meaning of Casa, I understood what home is. The youth go to the center for helpRead More →

On Monday June 4th i visited Casa and because all the students are already getting out of school there weren’t any students who needed help with homework, so instead I talked with some of the youth that was there and also we made graduation posters for the youth that are graduating on Tuesday. It was so heartwarming to know that the youth were taking the next step in their education. Although we only knew the youth for a short time I was able to create bonds with the youth and knowing all the struggles that they’ve overcome and how much they grown makes me reallyRead More →

On Friday May 18,2018 with the help of another classmate, I facilitated a college talk with the youth at Casa Familiar’s youth. This was not only one of the first talks that the youth center has done but also my first time facilitating a talk. I did a lot of research and reached out to past advisors of mine so that I could give the youth enough information to be able to feel confident in their journey to college. When talking with Mirna she said that there might not have been a lot of students showing up because they’ve never had anything like this before.Read More →

During our field trip to Chicano park my friends and I went towards all the coffee shops and breweries. While walking towards the cafes and breweries we looked at the murals on the pillars and shared our own opinions on how we felt about the pieces and different experiences from our hometowns being gentrified and also how Chicano Park has been gentrified throughout the years. We noticed how the theme for most of the eateries around the park were a more modernized version of the Chicano culture. We also went to the other side of the park where the handball and basketball courts are andRead More →

On Friday May 8.2018 during my visit to casa the supervisor Mirna told me that the center would be closing early but the Casa was putting on an art exhibit for women appreciation and suggested I go.  After talking with Mirna and one of the students who helped put on the art exhibit I decided to check it out myself.  When I first got there it was interesting to see how all the art represented women in different ways yet they all shared one message. The initial flyer of the event had a logo similar to the rolling stones but around the mouth it said “IRead More →

On April 25,2018 myself and our classmates who are also in the Casa Familiar cohort visited Casa Familiar’s recreational center where we were able to help out in the their doll making workshop. During this visit I helped the children draw themselves and I also was able to make a doll myself, picture included. As the children came in it was nice to see how some of them were very excited to draw themselves but some were very reserved. It was really nice to see how each child had their own perspectives of themselves and how they all wanted to get creative, one of theRead More →