As part of the HIUS 144 class my classmates and I were able to travel to Chicano Park to see the murals. I had thought that it would be my first time visiting the park since I had no recollection of being there before. However, as soon as I took a look around and saw the colorful murals that were painted under the Coronado Bridge off the I-5 ramp, I remembered that I had been there long ago with my father. I was around the age of 7 or 8 when my dad had brought me to take pride in the Chicano/x paintings that highlighted our culture and history. As I walked along the paintings I couldn’t help but remember the time that I had come long ago. This park instantly formed a connection with my past and present that was unexpected but greatly appreciated.

I wondered about the memories this park holds for the community members that helped create the park and turn it into the space it is today. It is a momentous accomplishment for those who fought for a public space where Chicano/x members could express themselves and claim back their land. I hope that although the community dynamics are changing with an influx of people moving into the community and consequently pushing the locals out, that whenever a person returns to visit the Chicano Park, they can have memorable moments return to them just like it did for me. The park will live on in the memories of those who fought for it, but also for those who visit the park and marvel in the deep history of the park.