I was able to visit CASA again, and this time I went to their other facility where the tutoring sessions are conducted. Yesenia was there admitting the kids who were dropped off by their parents, or walked their from their school which was nearby.

At first the only student present was a girl named Naomi. I noticed that she was pretty fluent in English and Spanish, although she preferred to speak Spanish. She was shy with us at first since we were new to the session. However, another tutor showed up whom she seemed to recognize instantly, and she opened up more by starting to speak more to him and us. I helped a student named George who was in Elementary School. We worked on his math homework, specifically finding the area of a rectangle. After a couple of examples he was able to solve the problem on his own using the formula. I tried to have him repeat the formula to me as much as possible so that it would stick in his memory. He was very talkative and friendly after I shared with him that I was a student to and tried to make some jokes to lighten up the mood. After he finished his homework we played connect four together while other students used the computer to play online games. At the same time there was a children dance class staring in the room next to us. It was nice to take a break from the UCSD campus and lifestyle and help George out. Hopefully, I can return in the future and offer tutoring services for the students there!