On my first visit to CASA Familiar I was able to partake in the doll making workshop that Rizz was hosting for the first time. There was about 5 kids there when I showed up, as well as Jessica, Cindy, and Absaala. Later on in the day more children came and it became a very interactive experience.

I participated in the art workshop by making a doll that I thought represented me and how I look. According to one of the art volunteers the point of this activity it to create dolls that represent the diversity of the community. She stated that she never had a doll who looked like her (skin color, hair color) when she was growing up.

I met a girl around the age of 12. She shared that she was in the 5th grade and had an older brother who was going to turn 16 the next day. When making the doll she followed our example of practicing how to draw ourselves before drawing on the actual wax paper that would be used to make our dolls. I thought this was funny because if she had not seen us practicing, I’m sure she would have drawn straight on the wax paper. She was very observant of others and was able to follow all the steps herself to make the doll. 

After drawing on the wax paper we ironed on the picture to the fabric that had already been cut out for everyone. I really enjoyed the next station where we were able to stitch our dolls together. I saw that the volunteers were letting the older children use the sowing machine on their own, they only guided them, watching to make sure they were fine. It shows that they want the children to practice a skill, and encourage them to be more independent.

Overall it was nice participating in the workshop and hopefully I can meet more of the locals that attend the activities during our next trip.