Follow these instructions to start using the Race and Oral History website.

Getting access to the website

1. Signup for KNIT using your Active Directory credentials at

*Trouble? Make sure you are using your Active Directory credential and not your PID. Your Active Directory credential is typically the first part of your UCSD email rather than your entire email address (i.e. and your email password.       

2. Once logged in, go to the group page by click the button “request membership.”    

3. Once the administrator approves, you should be able to view the private site here:

Posting on the website

1. Navigate to the website here: Make sure you are logged in.    

2. Hover your cursor over the “+New” menu item in the top menu bar. Select “post” in the options.    

3. You should now be directed to the text editor. Fill out the editor with a title and the text of your post. For Oral History, your title should be: “[first name] [last name] Oral History.”

3a. You can now add “blocks.” Click “+” to add the “Image” block. Upload an image of your interviewee.

3b. Click “+” to add “Paragraph.” This is your interview synopsis. For more detailed instructions about writing the synopsis, see post here.

3c. Click “+” to add “Audio.” Upload your interview. The interview should be titled “[first name] [last name] Oral History Interview.”

Media files (such as MP3s) can also be added by dragging and dropping the file into the text editor.

Please note, that WAV files are too big to post to the website. If your recording device produces a WAV file, you’ll need to change the file into an MP3. For more detailed instructions on this process, see my post here.

3d. Click “+” to add “File.” Upload your transcript. The transcript should be titled “[first name] [last name] Oral History Transcript.”

When you are finished, click the blue “publish” button in the upper right.    

4. For more detailed instructions about posts, see       

Locating your post in menu tabs

1. Hover your cursor over “Race and Oral History Project” on the top of the page. Select “Dashboard” in the options.

2. Click “Posts.” Find your post, hover your cursor over it, and click “Quick Edit.”

3. In the “Categories” box, check the corresponding category. You should only check one of two categories: “[your organization] Oral History” or “[your organization] Group Project”.

4. Click the blue “Update” button in the bottom right.

5. Go to the website to verify that your post is now under the correct menu tab.

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