Short term or long term, any contribution towards a form of resistance sparks change, although it may not always be sudden. Although my classmates and I have only been with Detainee Allies this term, and the original organizers are in it for the long run, the experience and sharing of stories is something which has impacted my learning experience, both on and off the academic environment.

Newsletters, letter reading and writing, and building connections are some of the few aspects which Detainee Allies does throughout the current humanitarian crisis at the border. Our class group and I have contributed to the newsletter and going to their Monday and Thursday meetings.

I want to continue working with them and their humanitarian movement after this school year, even though I have not been able to be physically present to their meetings due to conflicts with their meeting times and public transportation’s run time schedule.

To say that reading of the abuses and struggles migrants fled from only to be met by another at the US-MX border has impacted me would be an understatement. The conditions under which Detainee Allies has arose from is one to be proud of, showing what common people can create to better the lives of those inhumanely oppressed at the border.