PATH funds innovative and collaborative projects between City, Mesa, and Miramar Colleges and UC San Diego.

Over the last three years, faculty involved with the PATH program worked across institutions to deepen engagement in the Arts and Humanities in a variety of ways. Innovative initiatives supported student recruitment and transfer, as well as the student success of UC San Diego and SDCCD students. This opportunity is now open to Arts and Humanities faculty outside of the PATH program. We highly encourage projects centering justice and equity that allow students and faculty to grapple with current societal challenges through the Arts and Humanities; anti-Black racism, systemic oppression, and other equity issues impacting education and society at-large.

Funds will be provided to Arts and Humanities faculty for meaningful initiatives that support UC San Diego and the San Diego Community College District student recruitment and transfer or connect faculty and students across the institutions.

Through this initiative, faculty are empowered to serve as the drivers of the collaboration. PATH staff can assist with basic logistics and administration of funds. Fund requests should be under $1500 unless a significant amount of students will be impacted. Fund requests over $1500 will be considered if it is a large collaborative activity between UC San Diego and SDCCD – expected outcomes on the activity must be provided.

This portion of the grant is no longer available. Updated June 2023.

You will receive an email reply back within 7 days of receiving the request. For a faster response, please email Allison Santana at a5santan@ucsd.edu to let her know a request has been submitted.

Note: Any payment for speakers or services directly related an event cannot be paid until after the event, per UC Policy.

Successful examples of past initiatives include:

  • Undergraduate Philosophy reading group led by SDCCD and UC San Diego faculty
  • Italian Studies professors from both institutions taking students on a joint field trip to see “Rigoletto”
  • SDCCD and UC San Diego students attended joint workshops on “Storytelling” and “How to Sustain a Creative Life”
  • SDCCD Philosophy professor audited a UC San Diego class to take elements of it back to SDCCD
  • Faculty from both institutions coming together over dinner to discuss innovative humanities pedagogy

Areas of focus for collaboration could include:

  • Partnership between faculty-led student equity programs and departments at SDCCD and UC San Diego (such as Umoja, Puente, EOPs)
  • Sharing pedagogical and inclusive teaching practices
  • Co-Development of course content and/or out-of-classroom experiences
  • Research inquiries and programs addressing the current racial climate
  • Career-Preparedness of students
  • Joint guest lecture events (these could happen on zoom)
  • Fostering practices of diversity and inclusion and promoting the social value of the humanities
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