2023 Summer Academy


  • The application for the 2023 PATH Summer Academy is now closed.
  • The 2024 PATH Summer Academy will be available here in mid-May 2024.


  • The PATH Summer Academy is a FREE intensive 5-week summer program for transfer students with a major in the arts and humanities division. The program works to support the transition from community college to student life at UC San Diego by providing individualized guidance on how to navigate the large campus, tackle the quarter-system and survive the classes, take advantage of available resources and make the most of the 2-years on campus, all while providing a community of support.
  • The program includes 1 academic course (4 units), a multitude of campus resource workshops, individualized peer mentoring, group social activities, and the opportunity to visit campus in the during the program. Students who complete the PATH Summer Academy are also invited to participate in special internships, events and other opportunities throughout the school year at UC San Diego.
  • NEW TO THE 2023 SUMMER ACADEMY: This summer program will be a hybrid modality, with some components being held virtually and some being held in-person on campus. All participants will need to be available to attend in-person components. Please view the sections below for specific details about each component.

  • The PATH Summer Academy is a lot of work and a lot of fun! Join us for a summer crash course on preparing for UC San Diego life, and make some incredible memories and lifelong friends along the way.

View the video recap of a previous academy here.


  • ORIENTATION: Sunday, August 6, 2023 Attendance is required
    • The orientation will be a 2-part event: students will need to visit the UC San Diego campus during the day to pick-up program supplies and meet their peer mentor, and will attend a virtual orientation in the early evening. Exact timing to be confirmed.
    • The virtual orientation will feature guest speakers, including program professors and peer mentors, and will review the program schedule and logistics. Students will be provided supplies necessary for the summer program, including course reading material, a binder of important program information, campus resources and contact details, and their UCSD student ID.

  • SUMMER ACADEMY: Monday, August 7 – Friday, September 8, 2023, during Summer Session 2 at UC San Diego
    • Students are welcomes to take courses on their own during Summer Session 1 (July 3-August 4), however, participants in the PATH Summer Academy should not plan to participate in outside summer classes during Summer Session 2.

    • Class: Monday and Wednesday ~11:00am – 1:50pm, additional field trips may be scheduled
    • Workshops: Monday-Thursday – M/W Virtual; T/TH In-Person (some weeks may have fewer workshops and for shorter time periods)
    • Activities: Monday-Friday in the afternoons and evenings (attendance is optional, though encouraged)
    • Mentor meetings: Scheduled for an hour each week (timing determined between student and mentor)
    • Students should expect to commit 5+ hours each day (Monday-Thursday) during the program for time spent in classes, at workshops, participating in activities and completing homework.
    • A schedule of classes, required workshops and activities will be available to view in late June/early July 2023, and full information on the final program schedule will be provided during the orientation.


Students in the program take (1) pre-determined academic courses, earning 4 credits towards their degree. The course pace is accelerated as the classes will be completed in 5-weeks, while a traditional quarter at UC San Diego is 10 weeks long. The classes provide a helpful introduction to academic workload and expectations of UC San Diego, allowing students to adjust their study habits and time management skills accordingly for better success in the fall.

All students enrolled in the 2023 PATH Summer Academy will take the following classes, regardless of individual major:

    • Taught by Karen Gocsik
    • Monday/Wednesday 11:00am – 1:50pm
    • Held Virtually
    • Students use writing to explore and to create a professional identity. Assignments range from articulating the questions and problems that students hope to explore in their professional lives, to understanding the current conversations in their chosen professions, to fashioning resumes, cover letters, and presentations that declare what they hope to contribute professionally. The intensive focus on writing and revising is especially useful for students who want to develop their writing.
  • Course syllabi and details will be provided in the weeks leading up to the program and during the orientation.
  • Summer tuition, textbooks, and course materials for these classes are covered by the program.


  • Workshops are a key component to the PATH Summer Academy and help students learn about the wide variety of resources available on the UC San Diego campus. Attendance is required and expected. Each workshop will feature a a representative from a different campus resource.
  • Workshops will be held in-person and virtually Monday – Thursday each week, times will vary. Workshops may be 60-90 minutes long. Most workshops will be scheduled in a virtual format, with a few on-campus visits.
    • Geisel Library + academic research review
    • The Writing Hub
    • Career Center
    • CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Study Abroad
    • Academic Research
    • Academic Internships
    • Scholarships & Financial Aid
    • Transfer Center Services
    • Basic Needs Hub
    • and more!


  • Each student is assigned a peer mentor (a previous PATH transfer student) who they are required to meet with for an hour each week. Peer mentors and students are matched based on major, life experience and personal interests, to help develop rapport and a comfortability between the folks.
  • Peer mentors will cover specific content during meet-ups each week (like how to register for classes, find clubs, utilize the student resource centers, etc.) and will share tips and resources not otherwise covered in PATH workshops. They are also in place to provide individualized support, answering questions and checking-in to ensure their mentees are coping well with the program demands and enjoying a positive experience.
  • Peer mentors also plan and host a variety of optional social activities, including study sessions, movie and game nights, campus gym meet-ups, an evening at a play and more! These activities help students take a break from the academic demands of the program to develop community with their peers, fostering meaningful relationships.


Students accepted into the program are expected to make needed accommodations with work or other responsibilities to be able to participate fully in the program, attending classes and workshops, in addition to meeting weekly with their peer mentor, and completing other required tasks as assigned. Absences must be communicated in advance with professors and program management.

Additional expectations will be outlined in provided program materials.


The first 25 SDCCD (San Diego Community College District) transfer students that complete the PATH Summer Program in it’s entirety will be given a check for a $1500 stipend, to be used at their discretion.



  • Housing will not be available to program participants as the required course is virtual this Summer. View a dorm tour here.


  • Food or snacks will be provided for participants before or after in-person workshops.


  • All students participating in the PATH Summer Academy will be provided with complimentary campus parking passes or bus/trolley passes for the duration of the summer program.
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