Transfer students from the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) schools - City, Mesa, and Miramar Colleges, who have been accepted into UC San Diego and are majoring in the Arts and Humanities. Unfortunately students with only a minor in Arts & Humanities are not eligible.
Yes, you can apply and be accepted to the program if you have attended other community colleges in addition to a SDCCD school, however you must currently be attending/transferring from a SDCCD campus to UC San Diego.
The program admits between 20-35 students. It aims to include an equal amount of students from each SDCCD campus, across all Arts & Humanities majors. Students will be selected based on the information they provide in the application as well as the essay responses given, to determine if they will be a good fit for the program.
Students are notified via email at the beginning of June, so appropriate plans can be made for the program.


While the program focuses around the completion of two academic courses, it equally emphasizes student preparation and introduces resources available on campus via special workshops and the peer mentor program. Students have the option to participate in activities outside the classroom with their peers in the program, such as study sessions, scavenger hunts, performances together and more.
Students take two courses in the summer and receive academic credit. These classes are required for all PATH students, regardless of each students major. Check out the Current & Past Year Programs page for class details specific to this year.
The courses taken during the PATH summer academy help prepare students for the workload and teaching style of UC San Diego professors, and help familiarize students with campus resources, and academic expectations. While the classes in the program are chosen with the intention of providing credit to the greatest number of students, it is unlikely that the classes will count towards every students specific major. It is recommended that students meet with college and major advisers for specifics on individual degree requirements.
Yes. By joining the program, you are agreeing to participate in all required classes, workshops and meetings. Special circumstances that may impact total participation in the PATH Summer Academy must be discussed with the program coordinators in advance to approve any absences. Upon acceptance, all participants will be required to sign a contract confirming their commitment to the program. Those who do not partake in required activities may have their stipend revoked or miss out on other opportunities.
Yes! Contact us at path@ucsd.edu and we will connect you with a UC San Diego PATH student. Alternatively, you can read about the experiences of the 2017 & 2018 students on the blog page.





Check out the Eligibility & Applying page for details specific to this year.
Check out the Current & Past Year Programs page for details specific to this year.


EMAIL US! path@ucsd.edu.

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