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Race and Oral History Project

A student-centered collaborative initiative at UC San Diego

Month: June 2019

To Future Students

Dear Future Students, HIUS 120D, or the Race and Oral History of San Diego class, is one that I recommend…

Reflection on Interview with Jennifer Gonzalez

    For this Oral History Interview, I talked with Jennifer Gonzalez, one of the lead organizers for Detainee Allies. Jennifer has…

Jennifer Gonazlez Race and Oral History: Detainee Allies.

Dear Future Students

Dear future Students, The Race and Oral History course will provide you with a learning experience that is beyond the…

Joanna Brooks Oral History

Letter to Future Student

Dear Future Student, This class is really unique and special. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to leave the confines of the…

Kafisa Mohamed Oral History

Ana Hernandez Oral History

Ana Hernandez, who was born and raised a San Diego native, speaks about her experience with the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI), and how the program has profoundly impacted her and shaped her life in many ways. She went to high school in San Diego, and shares with us the different encounters she has faced as a current college student who decided to stay in her hometown. This interview covers the different obstacles Ana faced during her transition from high school to college, the most rewarding experiences she’s had, how she feels BLCI helped prepare her for college, as well as what she feels the BLCI can do to go above and beyond to continue to improve the program for future students. The interviewer met Ana through one of the instructors at BLCI who stated her opinion would be great since she had been in the program since the fourth grade. The interview was conducted at BLCI. The interviewer wanted to interview Ana because they wanted to hear her perspective on how her college experience was, since she was able to be a part of such a wonderful program like the BLCI. The interviewer is Sonia Valadez, a 4th year Political Science and Ethnic Studies major student at UCSD who is also a first generation college student who grew up in Fresno, CA. Sonia felt deeply connected to the interviewee and the Barrio Logan community, which reminded her of her roots and her community that is predominantly Hispanic with higher crime rates and low income households. Sonia wanted the interviewee’s perspective on her college experience and how BLCI has helped her as the interviewer also faced much hardship trying to attend college without any support from the community. The interviewer is deeply engaged and passionate about working with BLCI and interviewing their alum to hear about what they’re up to now, their experiences, and how they can better the program.

Asiyah Ali Oral History

Asiyah Ali is a San Diego born Somali American currently in the fifth-grade. She has been a part of the…

The “College 101” Workshop

Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) is an after school-type program that works to increase matriculation into higher education for those…

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