Transfer Student Spotlight: Michael Alvarez

Name: Michael Alvarez

SDCCD College: San Diego City College

Major: Philosophy

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

You have what it takes, just keep doing what you’ve been doing…but better!

What was your biggest fear about transferring to UC San Diego?

I had worries about things like: getting lost in the enormity of the campus, not knowing anybody else who attends UCSD, whether I would be able to keep up with the quarter system, whether I would be able to manage the difficulty level of the courses, etc.

What part of your transition was most difficult?

Seeing the thousands and thousands of students who attend UCSD on my first day was definitely overwhelming! Also learning to adjust to the increased workload expected of you.

Why choose the PATH Program?

Professor Kelly Mayhew was my mentor at City College, I applied on her recommendation and I can’t imagine how I would have managed the transition process if I hadn’t applied.

How has the PATH program helped you?

Every worry I had about transferring was addressed by the PATH program: they taught us how to find our way around campus; seeing the familiar faces of the other students who were in the PATH program is awesome; we got to see what kind of expectations the professors at UCSD have for their students, which allowed us to get a sense of the level of quality our work should be.

What was the most difficult part of the PATH Program for you?

The end!

What tips would you tell future students about the UC San Diego campus?

It is enormous! Use ucsd maps to find where your classes are and plan accordingly!

What activities or organizations are you involved with on campus? How has it been so far?

The McNair Scholars Program, it has been great learning how to conduct research under the guidance of a mentor and I’m excited for what comes next.

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