Transfer Student Spotlight: Rudy Rivera

Rudy Rivera, 2017 PATH Summer Academy Attendee

Name: Rudy Rivera

UC San Diego College: Eleanor Roosevelt

Community College: San Diego City College

Major: History (Emphasis in Law)

Minor: Political Science (Emphasis in Political Theory)

What was the hardest thing about transferring?

The hardest part of transferring was getting acclimated with the wide variety of locations/resources offered on campus. Also, the quarter system is fast and does not wait for you! I had to learn to manage my time even better. I had to learn to be more flexible and consistent with my assignments. (Tip: Start early on assignments.) Nonetheless, it was a fun challenge, but not impossible.

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

You have to dedicate yourself every day. Education is your craft, and you have to be proactive with your learning. Set weekly short-term education goals and build off of them in order to achieve your larger goals. Be consistent and never aspire to concede. It is easy to begin your education, but it is harder to finish. Never fear to ask for help because it is part of your growth, not only as an intellectual but more so as a person in daily life. Remember that education has no social classes. You have greatness within you! Always aspire to manifest it because you must never let someone’s opinion of you become your reality.

What tips would you tell future students about the UC San Diego campus?

I would tell students to be prepared to push yourself even further in regards to your studies. You are surrounded by smart and motivated individuals, and you have to remain steadfast in order to stay on form. Also, leave your ego at the door. Education is for everyone and you should always seek to uplift your fellow peers both within the realm of education and outside of it. Lastly, make the most out of these two years because they fly. Time is a priceless commodity and your time here at UC San Diego is certainly invaluable.

Why did you join PATH?

I joined PATH because I believed that it would give me a jump start on my university education in terms of credits. I believed it would also expose me to the plethora of resources found on campus.

How has PATH helped me?

PATH was an eye-opener. It truly showed me the rigor and expectations of university level classes. Also, the events and excursions I went on helped me conceptualize both my courses and college life in general.

What was your favorite part of the PATH program?

My favorite part of PATH was attending the workshop that consisted of presentations from the Teaching and Learning Commons. Through this workshop, I was able to meet the supervisor of the Writing Hub and land a job as a writing tutor.

What has your experience been as a transfer student at UC San Diego?

My experience has been tremendous. I have made many long-lasting friendships and have learned from world-class professors. I feel I have matured more through my time here, and I feel more than capable to handle what life throws at me.

What activities are you involved in on campus? What has been your experience getting involved?

I am a Writing Hub Tutor, PATH Mentor (Summer 2018), Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Program Mentor, and Cross-Border Initiative Intern. I believe getting involved has been relatively easy. I’ve always been a person to seek out new opportunities and aspire to give back in any way that I can. I think a point of motivation that I would give in terms of looking to get involved is: Ask yourself every day what gives you purpose in life? Based on that answer, seek to achieve that every day.

Rudy giving a speech at the PATH Conference, “Reclaiming the Humanities,” hosted at San Diego City College.

What is your career goal? Why did you choose UC San Diego?

My goal is to become a lawyer for the federal government. I chose UC San Diego both for the prestige and the generous scholarship that they offered me. I believe UC San Diego suits my competitive nature and it is really close to home, which is always a plus.

When you are not in the classroom, what are you usually doing?

I like to play soccer, mentor friends from my neighborhood, spend time with my family, read political philosophy, and give speeches.

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