Get your research into eScholarship and globally accessible – a UCSD workshop

May 23 at 12:30 – 2pm in BLB Classroom 3 brought to you by the Scholarly Communications Working Group’s eScholarship and UC Open Access Policies Team

Come get your questions answered and your scholarship and research into the Library’s section of eScholarship or your program’s section. Get your works visible and accessible so that we can walk the talk of open!

atlas negative image, SDASM Archives, no known copyright restrictions. Accessed on flickr

Image credit: atlas negative image, SDASM Archives, no known copyright restrictions. Accessed on flickr

  • Bulk upload?
  • Content or location questions?
  • Is there a bug or barrier bothering you?
  • Just want to get your works in or help your academic community raise the visibility and access to their work?

Alainna Wrigley, Publication Management System Coordinator, and Justin Gondor, the Senior Product Manager, Publishing for the California Digital Library (CDL) will be here to answer questions and help you get as many items as you want into eScholarship. This is a hand-on session that we will repeat in late October for Open Access Week.

RSVP and give us your questions on this form. UC San Diego locals only.

PhD candidate takes advantage of UC San Diego publishing partnerships

The UC San Diego Library is engaged in another recent partnership to leverage publishing opportunities for our campus that support sustainable Open Access publishing. We are seeing engagement as we get notices from the publisher about our authors recent OA publications.

Image credit: The Great Flood of 1927 by Gil Cohen. National Guard, U.S. Govt. work

Ned Randolph published “River Activism, “Levees-Only” and the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927” DOI: in Media and Communication published by Cogitatio Press. Not only does he retain copyright and licenses his work with Creative Commons license, but he has seen 240 views and 29 downloads since publishing in open access on February 9, 2018! That’s 29 downloads in three days!!

Ned Randolph is a Communication Studies PhD candidate at the University of California, San Diego.

UCSD-only workshop invite: metrics and altmetrics to communicate impact

Using Bibliometrics and Altmetrics to Help Communicate Your Scholarly and Research Impact

Scholars and researchers, academic departments, and universities increasingly are asked to disclose the impact of their research to external funders, for promotion and tenure review, and to measure against their peers. While the practice of measuring research impact isn’t new, the availability of new tools and methods of communication has proliferated in recent years. In this workshop, you will learn about these available metrics tools, both “traditional” (like Web of Science) and “alternative” (like Altmetric), how to incorporate these into telling the story of your research impact, and learn some of the ways you can increase your visibility as a scholar. We’ll cover a variety of metrics methods and tools that allow for the communication of impact across the disciplines. When : Wednesday, February 7, 10:00 – 11:30 am (11:30 -12:00 hands-on) in Geisel Library Classroom 2

Questions? Interested in this workshop but the time doesn’t work for you, or you’d like to schedule something just for your research group or department? Please contact scholcomm [at] ucsd [dot] edu

And so it begins …

Happy New Year! Welcome to CONDUIT, a blog brought to you by the UC San Diego’s Scholarly Communications Working Group. This blog is an exploration in communicating advances in scholarly communication to our campus, UC San Diego, while simultaneously engaging with the public, researchers, and scholars around the world.

We intend to act as a conduit of information on:

  • news and notices,
  • systems and tools,
  • conferences, workshops, and other professional development,
  • related research and scholarship,
  • issues and opportunities in scholarly communication,
  • and updates on UCSD scholarship and research.

Computer Catalog : Consolidated/Convair Aircraft Factory San Diego Equipment from SDASM Archives on Flickr

One of the challenges in supporting an institution as large, research intensive, and academically diverse as UC San Diego is capturing the sustained attention of our community of researchers and academics. To raise the visibility and awareness of library services, of UCSD research, as well to empower our community to take more control of their intellectual property we take on this endeavor with the intention that we will meet the mission, vision, and values of our campus for the benefit of the institution and a global society. Naturally, as a scholarly communication program we see our mission everywhere, including prominently figuring into these excerpts from UCSD’s strategic plan:

MISSION: UC San Diego will transform California and a diverse global society by educating, generating and disseminating knowledge and creative works, and engaging in public service.


VISION: As a public university, it is our responsibility to give back to society by educating global citizens, discovering new knowledge, creating new technology, and contributing to our economy.


VALUES: To be successful, UC San Diego must remain distinctive, maximize our comparative advantages, and ensure our culture and environment exemplify our values.


Our entrepreneurial spirit leads to agility, risktaking, and innovative approaches to solving problems and seizing opportunities. Public service, sustainability, integrity, and ethics are core principles guiding our activities.

You are invited to submit posts or comments for public view or by private message to the UC San Diego Library Scholarly Communications Working Group – Outreach and Education subgroup (SCWG-OE). SCWG-OE 2018 members and CONDUIT Editors are Allegra Swift, Teri Vogel, and Karen Heskett.

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